Rebirth Yourself Birth Your Baby

If you are beyond frustrated with trying to balance all of the aspects of your infertility journey and your trying isn't working for you, I know on a deep level because I've been there before. 3xIVF, all failed. It hurts, I get it and I got thru it quickly. I want to pass the knowledge and skills to women who are sick of the silent screams, being broken & the frustration that nothing is working

Are You Ready To Live a Fertilicious Life?

    * Empowered, confident witty responses to all stupid and the insensitive comments that others make.

    * Feel truly at peace while you become the master of your emotions. HOPE fully.

    * Positive thinking is nice but it's not enough. We would all be pregnant if it were. Apply the real secret to having your mind work for you.

    * Let the tears flow and return to laughing so hard you pull a muscle.

    * Realize your family dream, which might be different from what you originally imagined and be at peace with it.

    * Join a community of women who are in the same struggle as you and learn together as you all become Fertilicious Females living a full life.

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The 7 Surviving Principles of Infertility