Rebirth Yourself Birth Your Baby

If you are beyond frustrated with trying to balance all of the aspects of your infertility journey and your trying isn't working for you, I know on a deep level because I've been there before. 3xIVF, all failed. It hurts, I get it and I got thru it quickly. I want to pass the knowledge and skills to women who are sick of the silent screams, being broken & the frustration that nothing is working

Are You Ready To Live a Fertilicious Life?

    * Empowered, confident witty responses to all stupid and the insensitive comments that others make.

    * Feel truly at peace while you become the master of your emotions. HOPE fully.

    * Positive thinking is nice but it's not enough. We would all be pregnant if it were. Apply the real secret to having your mind work for you.

    * Let the tears flow and return to laughing so hard you pull a muscle.

    * Realize your family dream, which might be different from what you originally imagined and be at peace with it.

    * Join a community of women who are in the same struggle as you and learn together as you all become Fertilicious Females living a full life.

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The 7 Surviving Principles of Infertility

Awaken your Fertility, Re-Discover Hope and Rejuvenate your Soul

- Awaken your fertility... you've been busy perfecting everything you can possibly think of to BE fertile and get pregnant and still nothing is working;

- Re-discover Hope... You are an optimist, a positive thinker, and still nothing is happening and you are feeling discouraged, frustrated and torn up in your heart. You don’t know what to believe anymore.

-Rejuvenate your soul... You are wondering... Is there something I'm missing? I'm exhausted from "Trying" for so long, because hey you've been at it for years now; and you are tired of the roller coaster of hoping and then being disappointed again. You are doing everything, and your patience is warring thin

The weekend Retreat will:

- Revitalize your baby making mojo using a revolutionary system that will align your body, Mind, emotions and Spirit with a Fertilicious Lifestyle that feels effortless and effective.

- Relieve some Serious Stress from your system as you Find out the habits that have holding you back from having that baby. Phew! Finally

- Anchor mindful fertile eating habits that you can sustain and take with you so that you are really feeding your future baby and your soul

- Drop you into your heart with the support of spirit where all of life is created to help get you out of your head, (where we are always trying to fix things)

-Discover the real reason you were brought to this path of infertility; is it really my purpose to be infertile for so long? (NO... Find out the answer that is unique to you.) -Align and open up your body’s energy thru some bad ass Yoga that is especially for Fertility and not breaking your back or squishing your ovaries. (If you still have one or two)

- Discover the secret to becoming committed without being over-projective when we map out your customized fertilicious lifestyle plan.

- Connect and build life long friendships with others that are also on the journey so that You really have a group of people that you can lean on into parenthood... you are NOT alone and Yes it takes a village

- Learn deep in our soul how to take this infertility journey and turn it into something bigger, like parenting judo skills.

Oct 2,3 4th

held at The Quaker Center,
in Ben Lomand, California

(the Heart of the Santa Cruz Redwood Mountains)