6 Pack Xpress

Are you feeling like your Fertile Life is being blocked with some big road signs.

Detour… Yield…

Do you feel like you are handling the stress of infertility just fine but your still frustrated and discouraged whenever “Aunt Flo” comes to visit?

Are you wanting to be on the same page with your partner, and they just don’t understand you or what you are going thru?

Believe it or not, Your Egg Energy is lower than it’s potential.

I can help. I’ve been thru this “IF” journey and I was working with a Coach the entire process. I know that’s how I was able to move past the frustrations quickly and move onto building our family with much more energy.

Let me hold your hand as your partner on this journey to empower you and help free you from the Egg Energy road blockers.

Start with The Fertility Snapshot Process

which includes a 20 minute online assessment and a 55 minute laser focused coaching session that tells you how likely you are to break free from the grip infertility has on you so that you can take control of your fertility journey instead of letting it control you.

Next: TWO 45min Xamine Sessions

Taking what you learned in the debrief session and now being able to xamine deeper whateverhas been blocking you and your fertile life.

We’ll take two sessions to:

-Xamine your path to your fertility balance and how that is affecting your Fertile Life
-Xamine some manageable new skills to put into action to help relieve that frustration and discouraged direction your life has taken.

AND: Three 30min Xacute action sessions

Now we are putting the Fertile Egg Energy plan into action. Keeping you accountable to put your fertility plan in action because habits take time and practice to form and solidify.

-Xpress your concerns of your current path in life

-Xhale into the freedom that comes from realizing your Xtraordinary potential

Also included is Unlimited email support; We want to be here for you as a partner on this delicate and xciting journey to becoming a parent. If something comes up for you, then we want to provide the support, encouragement, and confidence that you need on this Fertilicious Life journey.

How it works:

Sessions are over the phone or Skype, generally once a week that coordinates both our schedules. All 6 sessions to be used within 8 weeks of starting.

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