How to Increase your Egg Energy

What is Egg Energy?  

Learn how to Increase it to Empower your Fertilicious Female!  

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Learn what's all this talk about Egg Energy and What does that have to do with my Fertility? We all know that energy is all around us and a part of us. Dealing with infertility can drain our energy make us feel like crawling into the fetal position. How is your energy at day one of your cycle, or day 14?  What is it that increases your energy and makes you feel like opening your arms to the world of hoping you can conceive a child?  By joining Renee each day, we learn what increases our Egg energy to relieve stress in our lives, remind us how to hope again, and empower our authentic nature as mothers-to-be. 

Coming from someone who knows what's it's like to Xperience Infertility, Renee reveals her hilarious and heart-felt tips on how to get thru your own 28 day cycle.  When each day, (and sometimes each hour) can be a hormonal Xplosion waiting to happen; Renee's diffuses you with her genuine nature that is energetic, funny and bad a$$ smart to the heart.

There is no better companion to have on your next 28 day journey so that you can better balance the frustrations and disappointments that can happen in each 28 day cycle. Instead of feeling despair, start embracing your Inner Goddess, or how about tracking your Mucus!  Oh Yes, we are SOOO going there.  Have you ever Laughed with Forceps? You will on Day 10 but be careful not to sneeze.

Learn how to better handle Day 1... The day the disappointment starts because you've just realized your last attempt has failed.  How do you prepare for ovulation?  What are you telling your friends and family when they can't seem to stop their own verbal diarrhea? Get the tools, laugh, and make a fertile friend who is walking the talk along side you.

Right before your going to shoot your Bad A$$ self up with some baby making hormones, take a video shot of How to Increase your Egg Energy.  All you have to do is watch the Free Video series; and enjoy the Xplosion of energy to your Eggs.  Yeah Baby!



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