Group Support Two Ways

Two Ways of Group Support...

Xtraordinary Fertile Group in Santa Cruz, CA (Quarterly)

No more than 10 women in an open but confidential forum for 4 sessions.  One session a week, 1.5 hours.

Each of the four meetings is fashioned around a single topic that is specific to infertility.  By focusing on a single topic, all members are given a platform to share their Xperiences and learn something new.  In addition, learn some professional insights and tools to help inspire one another to grow.  In the true nature of becoming a mother, homework will be assigned and turned in each week, to provide motivation, inspiration, and accountability.  Assignments are thought provoking, related to the material covered for the day and are designed to ensure self-discovery, growth, and emotional balance.


This is a live, in-person support group in Santa Cruz, CA

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Xtra Fertilicious Community Call (Monthly)

This group is for everyone and anyone in the world with access to a phone.  Each month we will have a theme as our Infertility topic focus.  Same as the live support group, this helps focus the conversation so that all members have a chance to share, inspire others and Xperience something new on each of our infertility journey′s.  Each month there will be there will be a fertilicious tip/tidbit introduced to help keep everyone in a more balanced mindset.  In following the theme of becoming a mother, I want to support you wherever you are at in your own journey, therefore free email support will be provided as long as you are a part of the group.

You can also join the Facebook private closed group, so that you can support one another throughout the month as well. 


Dates:  1st Wednesday of every month

10:00AM - 11:00am PST (This time was chosen to help support those that live internationally as well.)


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