Let us help you find an Xtraordinary Fertile Life...

Have you ever felt like you are completely alone on this journey into the fertility world?

Have you felt like you are a complete failure for not being able to get pregnant naturally?

Do you feel like you are doing everything possible to get pregnant and nothing is happening?

You want a baby more than anything and you are sick of people telling you to "Just Relax."

Change is Inevitable, Growth is Intentional

If you can relate to any of these questions then the Xtraordinary Fertile  Group is for you.
The Xtraordinary Fertile  Group was created to provide a safe and strength place for women that are in the middle of dealing with infertility. By becoming a member of the XF group you will maximize the opportunity to have a successful pregnancy and baby. Studies have shown that being involved in a Mind/Body program (Domar) increased their live birth rate by 55%. The XF Group plans on reaching those same stats if not better.
Join us for our next Xtraordinary Fertile Group and let Xtraordinary Life help support your journey.


Renee did a great job getting and keeping me motivated, any time I had any negative thoughts she would turn them right around and allow me to see the positive, she truly has helped me to find balance in my life! I would recommend her, she is an amazing listener and really helps you to realize how amazing you really are! -Terra"


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