5 Herbs to Boost Fertility

One of the biggest challenges to overcome when living with infertility, or with any disease really, is the feeling of powerlessness. It’s hard to come to terms with the notion that things are out of our hands, and we can’t progress any further without the help of expensive medical intervention.

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3 Surprising Ways Your State of Mind Affects Fertility

When a couple is struggling to conceive, the immediate focus is on the physical. We undergo a battery of tests trying to unlock the secret of why the blessed event of conception isn’t happening according to plan....

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The Baby Shower and the Infertile Woman

I had received the baby shower invitation three weeks prior. At the time, I was excited. At the time, I was still pregnant. On the morning of the shower, I thumbed numbly through my closet. Every hanger scraped one-by-one down the row of clothes. When I reached the end of the closet, I started again. I finally settled on a dress made of a flowy material, hoping it would hide the lingering signs of my failed pregnancy. I dressed. Then I cried. My husband asked why I was going. I sobbed that sometimes it wasn’t about me. Desperately I wished for it to be about me, not today, but soon.

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My Wonderful Days

At home, writing blog...

Walking the Talk... I've spent the last year in hiding and lying. I've been lying and hiding from my closest friends, family, my business but most importantly myself. I was in pain and I wasn't ready to admit it. My heart has been aching for a long time, wanting to connect on a deeper level and from past relationships and from surrounding myself with like minded people, I know it's possible.
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Fall Back

The Holidays are approaching faster and faster as time goes by. It doesn't help that now the retailers have already set up their holiday displays and are advertising to "buy now, or buy early." Uhhggh!!!! Hibernation is sounding really good right now. Yes! Let's

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Simply put, there is not one area of each of our lives that is NOT affected by infertility.

Balancing the mental, emotional, physical and spirituals part of ourselves is tested sometimes on a minute by minute basis.

Our hormones are jacked up and therefore we react quicker, with more emotion than our usual selves.

When you are feeling the failures of your own body every month;


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Big Daddy


Infertility is just as painful for the men in the journey as it is for us women.  They show their frustrations differently, they process their stress differently, and they are hurting differently. They are the fixers, generally speaking and they want us to get over the pain quickly so that they can get us back to how we used to be.  They want to provide us with strength and hold us up because they see us falling deep into a hole.  They can also be the ones that are suffering from not being able to provide you with the family that you both are wanting so badly.  This seriously effects how they feel about influencing your mood, how they provide for you, and their definition of what it is to be a strong and powerful man.

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The Bachelor's Final Rose

Do you ever feel like you are in your own Reality TV show while fighting infertility? Funny thing about reality shows; no one knows how they are going to turn out.  Maybe we are in our own reality TV show and someone forgot the cameras.  Each weeks fears and challenges bring into view how each person/contestants deals with the stressors and based on that, we either love them or love to hate them.   In your own IF journey, no one knows how it′s all going to turn out either.  We set out to win from the beginning.  How we deal with the stress of it all can become overwhelming and we may loose site that the journey is to be enjoyed.  This month I found a new reality series I′m sure you′ll want to be a part of. Please enjoy and laugh a little.

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