Olympic Level Infertility II

Inspiration comes in many forms and in this blog series; I am comparing some of what an Olympic athlete goes through vs. what a woman Xperiences during infertility.  To refresh your memory here is the link to Part I.

Similarity number TWO:

This Journey takes over every area of you life:Athletes must be at their healthiest, so they are eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, drinking the right amount of water, and toning the correct muscles.  They have either given up on working or have a job that enables them to practice their sport. In other words, their sport IS their full time job.  They hone their emotional balance skills so that they are ready for the ups and downs as they come.  They miss a lot of family and friend events as they compete and practice their sport. They usually have a support system that starts with a coach to keep them accountable to their goals and help them strive to be their best. They also have their personal support system consisting of a dedicated partner, parents, other family and friends.

IF′ers do best when they are as healthy as can be.  Eating the fertile foods, getting enough sleep, timing your sex with ovulation, getting the proper exercise and timing your hormone shots with the correct days.  Some IF′ers have given up their jobs to accommodate the IVF/IUI schedule or they have a job that enables them to drop everything to be at the next Dr. appoint. These powerful women are working with coaches or therapists to gain the emotional balance skills needed to handle the ups and downs as they come.  This also optimizes their fertile life to it′s highest potential. The couples end up missing a lot of family and friend events, as they skip out to take advantage of their small ovulation window of opportunity. Lastly, the empowered women also have a team.  Team of Doctors, acupuncturist, massage therapists, and they have a support system that includes their dedicated, doting partner, parents, family and a few choice friends. 

As you can tell, both journeys are intertwined into each area of our lives.  It can′t be separated until the goal has been reached or the goal changes.  So many people trying to be supportive to a woman with infertility say to, “just relax”, but would you tell an athlete going to Olympics that?  I doubt it. 

Watch for Part III coming next week...

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