Just Sayin' - December 2011


Tis the season for pepper spray... I′m sure you heard about the Mom on Black Friday pepper spraying everyone else in line for the latest X-box?  If only I could pepper spray someone else to get the baby I want. Talk about the sense of entitlement gone overboard. Someone get this mom a life ring because she has totally lost sight of what is really important. How about being thankful you even have a child to spend the holidays′ with. WTF. Deep in our souls, where we don′t even want to admit to ourselves we are thinking such horrible thoughts... do you ever think that you would love to pepper spray the teen moms on reality TV to make them give you some of those young vital eggs that would be much better cared for by YOU, a much more mature and “ready” mom?

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Just Sayin' - November 2011

What's in your Stuffing?

Happy Thanksgiving... Are you ready to face the family and let them in on your secret?  Or are you going to “stuff” your feelings, let them marinate and not tell anyone that you are feeling frustrated, isolated, and afraid that you may not get pregnant like everyone hopes.  Well here we are, on the verge of Thanksgiving and the frenzy of the holidays and getting together with friends and family.  Do you already feel “Stuffed” even before you sit down to eat?  When you hear the phrase Stuffing, I′ll guess that you are probably thinking, “What ingredients am I going to put in my Turkey stuffing.”

Details like this are just a part of the holidays, overeating and bloated-ness.  But what I′m really asking is,

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Just Sayin' - October 2011

How do you Master your LIFE?

What is a master? It is someone who resonates with success. It's a person who's mindset automatically attracts the right people, places, events, and opportunities, and the same mindset that allows the person to jump all over all of those opportunities with gusto, and without fear or hesitation.

I believe that while each of us can do many things well, there is really only one thing that we can truly master, and ironically, while it takes a lot of effort to become a master in what you do,

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