I thought the course has brought me the opportunity I longed for to be able to talk to people who really understand what I am going through. I'm feeling very challenged and at the same time I feel a lot of support to face those challenges. It's been two modules and I am so excited about what is yet to come! -JC

I just want to thank you for all of your insight, support, and your genuine love and concern for women going through infertility. In the few sessions we have had together I have felt a shift in my thinking about our 4 year infertility journey. In our very first coaching session you were able to get me to release so much pent up grief, frustration, and disappointment - emotions that I had kept bottled up for years. You truly have a gift of guiding people to the answers within and to help them see what is authentic and true to them. I had seen other specialists who focused on infertility, but not one had experienced the longing for a child, so relating was difficult. Your story is inspiring and when I share my thoughts and feelings I know you're listening from an empathetic ear and not passing judgement. This is a difficult journey, but it is the work you are doing that will help me - and many other women - become the moms we are destined to become! Thank you!! - SR

I have had the absolute pleasure working with Renee and I′m happy to say I haven′t been the same since! Renee is a natural at coaching and knows how to see through the day-to-day garble and filter out what is REALLY going on. With that sense of clarity, she helped me get to the heart of the matter quickly so I could see results in record time. I would highly recommend Renee – she IS an Xtraordinary Coach!!

My experience with Xtraordianry life coaching was wonderful! Renee did a great job getting and keeping me motivated, any time I had any negative thoughts she would turn them right around and allow me to see the positive, she truly has helped me to find balance in my life! I would recommend any one to her, she is an amazing listener and really helps you to realize how amazing you really are! -Terra

For the last couple of years I have been all over the place.  With Renee's assistance we were able to pinpoint some key information I had been overlooking.  Because of this we have successfully fine tuned my process, I have been able to finalize 3 out of 5 longterm projects I had been carrying, all within the first two months after working with Renee. -P. Terry

With Renee's help I was able to identify my talents, discover blockages and set a plan in motion to get me back on track.  She had me do some really great exercises that helped me look at my life differently.  I'd been trying to figure out what I needed to do with my life now for awhile.  What a breath of fresh air it was to work with Renee.  Thank you so much Renee. - R. Taylor

I am one of Renee's first clients and I would like to share my experiences with you regarding life coaching.  I started with Renee because I could tell and feel that she could help me through some difficult times in my life. The weekly sessions I learned from her really shed some light on what my strengths were as well as my weakness.  Her thought process and her way of evaluating me and having me really doing some soul searching for myself helped me peel away at the layers that were blocking me from becoming the best possible me. Through the life coaching sessions I now feel more confident with my thought and decision process which in turn helped me be more confident on the inside which is what I lacked. Her words of encouragement and her sincerity as well as her knowledge has been a true blessing for me. I encourage those of you really trying to find answers to your problems or need to find inter peace with the hard trials in your life give life coaching a try with Renee.    Sincerely,   K

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