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Wherever you are at on your journey. Maybe it was years ago, maybe today... Let your story be known so greater understanding and awareness can be spread. Do you ever get frustrated because those around you just don′t understand all that we go through with infertility? We keep our struggles private, thinking the isolation keeps us safe from hurting. Xplaining it to others is difficult because we ourselves are continually learning about the drugs, tests, needle injections, financial costs, scheduling our appointments, and sex. It feels like we need to get a College degree in Infertility. Speaking out loud about something sensitive and close to your heart may seem daunting, but once you do it, it′s healing, releasing and Xhilarating.

Now is your chance.

With NIAW, National Infertility Awareness Week approaching on April 10-25th 2015, the organizations Resolve and The National Infertility Association are behind the movement to get the word out through advocacy and greater awareness of Infertility. Their theme this year is, "You're NOT Alone" There are 1 in 8 couples suffering from Infertility and you are one of them. Be the one that shares your story, your pain, or maybe just an awesome insight on how to best support you while you struggle through this journey. Let people know, by speaking out loud. By sharing your story, others will be inspired, educated and you will be free from your isolation. It′s a big step, and those that are new to infertility need to see you and that you are surviving and living your fertilicious life. Enlist your Inner Goddess, that heart-filled strength of yours, to show the world how parenthood is built.

'Here′s Our Infertility Story'

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