Q: What if I can’t attend all the Courses?

A: I know that everyone’s life is crazy busy with Dr. appointments, work etc, so each course will be recorded and made available to you within 48 hours, barring any unforeseen technical issues. This way you can watch and listen when the time is best for you and that will give you the opportunity to keep up with the group.

Q: How can I be sure this system will work for me?

A: While there is no guarantee in life, what I know for sure is that this system has worked for others before you and it will continue to work for many in the future. For the people that have gone before you, there is a 50% success rate; meaning that 50% got pregnant and stayed pregnant because they did the work to make fundamental changes in their mindset.

We ask that you put your heart into the course… participate full out, focus, do the work consistently, and have fun with the experience, then I fully expect this system to work for you and transform your baby making mindset, so that you can create the baby you want so badly.

Q: How is the Reboot course different form other Fertility programs and courses?

A: My approach is different because we know that you can’t think your way out of your thoughts. Most personal development programs teach you tricks and rules to do things differently; but if YOU aren’t fundamentally different, then you’re not going to be able to maintain it. The actions you do make are going to feel forced and unnatural, and you’ll always be second-guessing yourself.

The Reboot Course not only teaches you how to clear the path so that you can have your baby, it changes you from the inside out. It gets you to a place where you actually feel Fertilicious and you KNOW deep in your soul that you are a Mother. What’s unique, is that this approach isn’t about “thinking positive” (which nobody can sustain anyway) to create the Baby that you want. It’s about BEING hopeful deep inside your soul because that is your most authentic self and who you truly are.

Once that happens, you’ll be amazed at what will start unfolding for you in all areas of your life.

Let’s recap what you’ll get:

5 Webinar Courses with Renee Waggener. Certified Professional Coach and Fertility Expert

5 group Coaching Video Chat's with Renee Waggener. Here’s where you can ask your questions to Renee and get some personal coaching. It's incredibly powerful

All Video Recordings Available as Downloadable Video Files (MP4). If your life is crazy busy and you miss one of these Courses or Coaching Chats – No Problem! You Watch and Listen on your down time.

Plus! You’ll get the following Fast-Acting Bonus Valued at $397 if you buy your ticket today! This Bonus isn’t guaranteed to be here Tomorrow, so register today to take advantage of this special Offer!.

A Date with Your Future Baby Webinar with Rosine Kushnick, The Baby Whiz

This is a workshop webinar for conscious, spiritual women who wish to connect with the spirit of their baby. This is for women who have been longing to have a baby and who are possibly experiencing some delay in conceiving, and/or might have had one or several miscarriages.

We will form conscious connections and commune with the babies’ spirit to help them feel closer, safer and loved, so they can more easily undertake their journey into this world.

The workshop will be kept to an intimate size so that every participant can have a deep and meaningful experience.

There has been scientific evidence that babies who have been connected with prior to conception and during pregnancy make for much healthier and more well adjusted adults. Also, there is good reason to believe that when the babies' spirits feel welcomed and appreciated even before they arrive it can actually make conception, pregnancy and birth easier.

This will include: a 90 min. Group Webinar with Rosine Kushnick, The Baby Whiz. She is gifted with having a direct link to your baby waiting to meet you from the spirit world. Her ability to connect you personally will be the icing on the cake of this Baby Making Mindset Reboot.

Value $397… This will happen after the Week 5 Reboot Webinar and you get this unique connection to your personal Baby spirit as a Bonus for Acting Fast.

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